Inspire Me!

On our opening day, the day after the terrible bombings at the Boston Marathon, I’d like to share a peaceful photo with you. This is a lioness in the Savute Reserve in Botswana, taken on a beautiful afternoon as the sun was going down and the lions started looking for dinner. Going on safari allows you to see the Circle of Life as it’s meant to be, not subject to politics and agendas. Seeing the beauty in the world, as with this elegant lioness, helps to offset the ugliness and remind us that there’s much to be celebrated. Let’s not give up the quest to remake the world so that everyone looks for beauty instead terror.

P_B1 694

One of Nature’s greatest gifts to us is flowers. I took this photo of a gorgeous yellow canna in the town square in Pisco, Peru. Pisco is the place where the fabulous Pisco Sour was invented. It’s a nice small city on the coast of Peru in the Ica Region, and its origins date back to the ancient Paracas culture. Pisco is the jumping-off point for a cruise out to the Ballestas Islands, a wildlife sanctuary in the Paracas National Reserve. In 2007 Pisco suffered greatly in an 8.0-magnitude earthquake and is still rebuilding, but it’s full of life and spirit, embodied by this bold flower glowing in the late afternoon as we explored the markets.


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