Love it, live it

ej kenya lake naivasha 096

We are responsible for our own wellness and personal growth – no one else can do it for us. Envision the life you want to have and then go after it!

Bucket lists are one of the hot trends now, but if you think creating one is a frivolous pastime, let me change your viewpoint! While it can be fun to daydream of the things you’d like to do some day, if given some serious thought, a bucket list can reflect your core values and can help you develop a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling. Give your life a direction that you choose yourself, not one that someone else or that societal norms have assigned you.

Come back to this page in the near future for more information on upcoming workshops that will help you create your own life-plan Bucket List. The possibilities are all out there — we’ll help you choose your best direction.


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