I am a professional-trained speaker with over ten years of experience delivering keynote talks, special-interest talks and workshops in a variety of settings. Reaching Advanced Silver level in the Toastmasters International program, I served for two years as Vice President of Education for the Niagara College Toastmasters Club, and as Area 57 Director for District 86 Toastmasters for the 2016-17 season. I was a Region 6 Learning Master on the international research and development team for the Toastmasters International Pathways educational program, supervised beta testing of the program in my home club, and delivered an information workshop for District 86. I served as speech contest judge for the District 86 2016 Fall Conference.

Speaker Topics

Entertaining: The Romance of Travel – Throughout history there has been a mystique around travellers. Join Erica for this fascinating and entertaining look at how travel culture evolved and how you can create your own romantic journeys today. Length (adjustable): 30 to 60 minutes

Workshop: Adventure Travel 101 – While the hottest trend in travel has become accessible for almost anyone, there’s an art to doing it well and safely. This workshop provides an overview of how to get started on amazing adventures, looking at planning, health and safety, cultural appreciation, and how to be a good guest in foreign countries. Length: 90 minutes

Entertaining: Oh, It’s Just Another Impala – the History and Enduring Charm of the African Safari – A fascinating look at how the commercial safari got started, from Theodore Roosevelt’s famous 1909 safari for the Smithsonian, early expedition styles a la Out of Africa style, to modern safaris that allow us to see magnificent landscapes and animals in their natural habitats. Length (adjustable): 30 to 60 minutes

Entertaining, learning: The Raucous History and Refined Culture of Tea – Think tea is for little old ladies sipping sedately on a Sunday afternoon? You couldn’t be more wrong! Tea has started more trouble than you can think of – wars, a smuggling trade just like illicit drugs, and general mayhem – before it became a gracious refreshment in polite society. Learn all about the unbridled history behind one of our most popular and soothing beverages, as well as tea’s influence on culture around the world. Length (adjustable): 30 to 120 minutes (including tastings)

Wellness: Tea and Mindfulness – Tea has always invoked an atmosphere of peacefulness, serenity and relaxation. Explore through tastings how to bring this wellness aspect to your daily life. Length: 20 to 30 minutes

Keynote: The Power of Awe – Experiencing awe can transform our lives. It can make us more compassionate and empathetic, and can restore our sense of hope. Learn how to find it and treasure it. Length: 20 minutes

Workshop: How to be a Better Speaker and Presenter — Learn the essentials of delivering a talk or presentation that will engage and inform your audience. Includes an Icebreaker activity and one practice session. Maximum of 12 participants. Length: 3-4 hours (depending on numbers), group pricing

Entertaining: Golf – the Sport We Love to Hate – In this humorous talk, Erica looks at our longstanding love/hate relationship with a sport that tests our patience and our sanity! Erica has been golfing for over 30 years, even on her travels, and has amassed a collection of stories that anyone, not just golfers, will be able to relate to. Length (flexible): 10 to 20 minutes

Workshop: Creating Your Best Life through Your Bucket List – half-day workshop including lunch, includes creating a personal Vision Board, $199pp (including materials)

Past speaking engagements: Niagara College (three staff workshops and one keynote talk for the Many Hands project); Toastmasters Division L (two Public Relations workshops); Toastmasters District 86 (one Pathways workshop); St. Catharines Public Library (eight 90-min to 2-hour presentations)