The Magic Season

Halloween tablescape

There’s a chill in the air that feels like something ghostly brushing past, and a hint of the underworld in the scent of fallen leaves as they crunch underfoot.

Sweater weather, wood fires, a month of classic creepies on Turner Classic Movies, the annual shopping day that my friend Jennifer and I spend binge-shopping for Halloween decorations and costume accessories…it’s the best time of the year!

Halloween makes me smile. I don’t mean the gory stuff that seems to be invading stores over the past few years; there are plenty of us who enjoy funny, charming decorations like flickering skull candles and pumpkin garlands on the fireplace mantle. Whenever I’m feeling in the need of cheering up, I pull up a site like Mister Nostalgia to see what’s new. It’s impossible to feel grumpy when you’re looking at a glass mummy ornament, a jaunty witch’s hat or a ghostly night light.


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